Weekly Team Updates: 30 Mar-05 Apr 2020

Hi Everyone in team… Albie & Rob (Upline), Leslie, Annie, Paul, Mark Tudor, Robert, Michael .. and John Valdez and Rickey!

I hope you all are doing well and you are taking all the precautions to make yourself and your family SAFE against COVID-19! It’s taking world’s ECONOMY in crisis every day… Earth is becoming healthy now but it ruins human life!

So, Stay at home safe, and work from home.

So past week… Our team cooperatively produced 4157 total hits. We have got 21 subscribers. 3 contacted back for more info and 1 asked for link. 0 GDI signup.

Find TEAM HITS Below-

  • Santosh (Me)- 1310 hits
  • Leslie E- 0 hits
  • Annie T- 152 hits
  • Miriam S – 429 hits
  • Paul B – 1223 hits
  • Michael N – 686 hits
  • Mark Tudor- 357 hits
  • Robert- 0
  • John Valdez – 0
  • Rickey – 0

Congratulation to Paul Benedict for progressing in 16 steps training to STEP-15. You are about to become our new TEAM Leader This WEEK.

Congrats to Michael Nussbaum for starting with training and reaching to step 1…

Never feel that you are working alone there! You should contact Me or Albie if any issue with marketing or anything not clear to you. We will try to short it out if you let us know.

Remember this: Don’t forget that if you are getting around 1000 hits but not working through the Sixteen Steps free training, you will NOT receive any members earlier. So along with team promotion, START your 16 steps training ASAP for your success, if did not already!

Fight with COVID-19 Staying at Home.

Past week I was little busy creating my Prosperity Marketing System funnel and pages. I just finished with it. And already got 4 tour takers in PMS.

I want you to checkout my PMS page below and do comment on it. Here is the link…


If you want to join Prosperity Marketing System with me, You are welcome! I have dedicated this 2020 to build with GDI and PMS.

Hope to see you succeed with our team!

Have a great day!

-Santosh Mali

(GDI Team Elite Leader)


skype: skmali82

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