Rule of Success #3 AND GDI Team Weekly Updates: 06-12 Apr, 2020

Hi Everyone in team…

Rule of Success #3: Are YOU Leading By Example?

If you want your downline affiliates, team members, etc., helps you in what you want; then make sure YOU are helping them first. Do follow the GDI Team Elite’s 16 Steps Marketing and Leadership training to become proficient in marketing things. So you can show and teach your affiliates the best ways WHAT to do.

In the key area of leveraging and duplication, your team members are definitely watching! Show them what it means to be a strong, active sponsor and THEY will become strong, active sponsors and help you further your growth and profits.

Leading by example works in the negative, as well. HOW? Want your downline to DO NOTHING? Then do nothing and that’s what you’ll likely get!

So…the rule is real simple: Whatever you want THEM to do, YOU do, because they are following your lead!

GDI Team Weekly Updates: 06-12 Apr, 2020

I hope you all are doing well! So, Stay at home safe, and work from home in these uncertain days.

So past week… Our team cooperatively produced 2813 total hits. We have got 14 subscribers. 6 contacted back for more info and 3 asked for link. 1 GDI signup.

Find TEAM HITS Below-

  • Santosh (Me)- 1130 hits
  • Annie T- 133 hits
  • Miriam S – 522 hits
  • Paul B – 211 hits
  • Michael N – 562 hits
  • Mark Tudor- 225 hits
  • Robert- 0
  • John Valdez – 0
  • Rickey – 0

Welcome our newest GDI member Jaghdish! Congratulation to Michael for progressing in 16 steps training and reaching at STEP-3.

NOTE: Currently I have 2 GDI Gift card for trying GDI for 30 days. If you know someone or friend interested to take GDI trail for 30 Days instead of just 7 days then contact me. I will place them under you (if you refer them).

Never feel that you are working alone there! You should contact Me or my upline leader- Albie, if have any issue with marketing or anything not clear to you. We will try to short it out if you let us know.

Remember this: Don’t forget that if you are getting around 1000 hits but not working through the Sixteen Steps free training, you will NOT receive any members earlier. So along with team promotion, START your 16 steps training ASAP for your success, if did not already!

If you want to join Prosperity Marketing System with me, You are welcome! Click the above banner to check it out!

Hope to see you succeed with our team!

Have a great day!

-Santosh Mali

(GDI Team Elite Leader)

skype: skmali82

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