Weekly GDI Team Updates (09-15 March, 2020)

Hi Everyone… Albie, Rob and Charlotte, Leslie, Annie, Paul, and our new team member Mark Tudor, Robert and Michael Nussbaum…
Hope that you all are doing well and enjoyed past week!

So past week… Our team cooperatively produced 12,806 total hits AND we have added 21 subscribers to the TEAM. 7 subscribers contacted back for more info about team and 4 asked for link to join our team. We have got 3 GDI signup for the past week.


  • Santosh Mali (Me)- 1314 hits
  • Leslie – 215 hits
  • Annie Toomer – 64 hits
  • Miriam Shapiro – 4 hits
  • Paul Benedict – 2458 hits
  • Michael Nussbaum – 103 hits 
  • Mark Tudor- 8648 hits 
  • Robert- 0 

So past week we did cross 12000 hits. It is our greatest achievement so far. Congratulations to Mark and Paul for getting highest hits in the past week.


Congratulation to Paul Benedict for progressing in 16 steps training thru STEP-9. Annie Toomer hope you will get well soon and Miriam Shapiro I would like to hear your training progress or any concern with it.

Congrats to Mark for starting FREE leadership training. Let me know whether you are eligible to get $25 GDI Learning Bonus…
Never feel that you are working alone there! You should contact Me or Albie if you have any issue with marketing or anything not clear to you.

We will try to short it out if you let us know.

Thank you all for contributing in team success… 
Take care!

Sanjana-Santosh Mali
Skype- skmali82

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