Rule of Success #1 AND GDI Team Elite Updates: 16-22 Mar 2020

GDI-Updates 16-22 MAR 2020

Rule of Success #1: Treat your business…like a business!

Alright, Here is a business TIP I have received from Gary (SFI founder)…

“You purchased the best franchise, would you expect it to earn money for you if you only worked it a few hours a week? Or if you didn’t get trained? Or if you only tried for a few months? Or if you didn’t follow the proven guidelines of the creators of the franchise?

No, Never! That’s ridiculous. Online Business is no different. Success requires commitment.

I am continually amazed at how many people think that money will magically fall from the sky without work, without plans, or without an earnest commitment. All these elements (and others in next email) MUST be present.

The fact is, anything worthwhile in life requires effort and commitment. If that were not true, we’d all be the perfect weight, we’d all have perfect relationships, and we’d all be highly educated. Or We’d all be like Bill Gates. 

It’s the same thing with having your own business.

In short, if you treat your business as a serious, full-time business, put in the effort and commit to its success, it will become a serious, full-time business.

Hi Everyone… Albie, Rob, Leslie, Annie, Paul, and our new team member Mark Tudor, Robert and Michael Nussbaum… and This Week new member John Valdez and Rickey!

I hope you all are doing well and you are taking all the precautions to make yourself and your family SAFE against COVID-19!

So past week… Our team cooperatively produced 10,079 total hits. We have got 18 subscribers. 4 contacted back for more info and 3 asked for link. 2 GDI signup.


  • Santosh (Me)- 1143 hits
  • Leslie E- 4 hits
  • Annie T- 36 hits
  • Miriam S – 13 hits
  • Paul B – 1801 hits
  • Michael N – 650 hits
  • Mark Tudor- 6432 hits
  • Robert- 0

So for the period 16th – 22nd MAR, 2020, we got 10,079 hits. It is our greatest another achievement. Congratulations to Mark and Paul for getting highest hits for the period.


Congratulation to Paul Benedict for progressing in 16 steps training to STEP-12. You are about to become our new TEAM Leader.

Congrats to Mark for starting leadership training and reaching at Step-3 and Michael Nussbaum for starting with training…

Never feel that you are working alone there! You should contact Me or Albie if any issue with marketing or anything not clear to you. We will try to short it out if you let us know.

Remember this: Don’t forget that if you are getting around 1000 hits but not working through the Sixteen Steps free training, you will NOT receive any members earlier. So along with team promotion, START your 16 steps training ASAP for your success, if did not already!

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.” -Pat Riley

Haven’t made a PLAN and started business yet? You have to take ACTIONS as soon as possible.

Thank you all for contributing in team success… 
Take care!

-Sanjana and Santosh

Skype: skmali82

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